Wednesday, 8 March 2023

NSPCC Drive It Day - Prescott Hill Climb

Message sent to the club - 

Dear all at the Forest of Dean Motor Club,

I hope you are looking forward to Drive It Day this year, taking place on Saturday 22nd April. Whether you have plans for it already or are thinking about a route for the club, we have an opportunity for you to enjoy a fantastic day out together.
Prescott Hill Climb have partnered with NSPCC to support Drive It Day this year and welcome clubs and enthusiasts to come and enjoy the opening round of the British Hill Climb Championships on 22nd April. Every ticket sold for the event will include a donation to NSPCC using the code DRIVEIT23 on checkout. There will also be a designated parking area specially for Drive It Day participants to show off their motor vehicles. You can make this a part of your Drive It Day experience.
For more information do check out the attached one pager and please don’t hesitate in getting in touch if you have any further questions. If you’re unable to make it, please do spread the word.
We hope to see you at Prescott Hill Climb!

Emma Hildesley (she/her)
Community Fundraising Manager – Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire |07818 511657| |

Normal working hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm




Wednesday, 1 March 2023

2023 Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship


2023 Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship to be broadcast in seven part ‘Sideways to Victory’ series in major TV production overhaul
This year’s Motorsport UK Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship will break new ground with a seven-part ‘Sideways to Victory’ entitled series broadcast free to view online.
Brian Chase, Managing Director of Ravenol UK, has been instrumental in restructuring the online broadcast coverage, and thanks to his enthusiasm and commitment rally fans will be able to watch action from the Welsh Rally Championship in a new, innovative and exciting feature-style format.
Instead of just the usual car followed by car standard rally coverage, Ravenol has planned to release three videos from each event. On the Sunday evening following each round there will be a short action-packed teaser film highlighting the drama and spectacle of rallying to whet the appetite of knowledgeable and loyal rally fan and hopefully a new wider audience. 
This will lead up to the main adrenalin filled movie ‘Sideways to Victory’ (named in memory of the late great Roger Clark) which will be broadcast on the Wednesday evening, with each round of the Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship featured in the seven-part series.
The third video from each round will be a montage of action clips featuring every registered competitor at least twice – providing they survive the challenge of some of the world’s best gravel forestry stages and pass the camera locations!
Special Stage TV will send four camera crews to each round of the 2023 Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship to capture action footage of all the registered competitors. There will also be interviews from the service parks and at strategic locations along rally routes, while Paul Woodford will be the dedicated series commentator.
Special Stage TV is well known for producing top quality rally coverage and has established an impressive following. Last year its videos recorded 44.1 million views (an average of around 3.7 million views per a month) and received 2 million engagements (comments, likes, etc.).
‘Sideways to Victory’ will be broadcast on the Ravenol UKWelsh Rally Championship and Special Stage TV Facebook pages – the latter of which has 275,000 followers.
“We saw the need for rallying to reach out to a much wider public, thus attracting not only more people into the sport but also more sponsors,” says Brian Chase.
“The idea is to capture the unique atmosphere that only gravel rallying can bring and convert it into a story where viewers look forward to the next episode. I hope the teams will support us in this exciting venture.”
“It is exciting to be covering the Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship in 2023 and I am looking forward to working with Ravenol on its exciting vision of making some unique and engaging rally content that will be different than anything we have seen previously,” says Wayne Goldring, Special Stage Producer. “We have been given a creative brief that will allow us to bring a new style to the coverage that we produce.”
“I’m delighted to be back presenting the coverage for the Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship,” says Paul Woodford. “Some of the most iconic stages and rallies in the sport, combined with Ravenol’s refreshing enthusiasm for doing things differently, is a combination I just couldn’t resist.”
This year’s Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship will be run in association with Pirelli, which has supported the series since 2012.
“We’re delighted to continue our long-standing support of the Welsh Rally Championship, which is an incredibly popular series that showcases a wide variety of cars and competitors as well as some of the finest stages in the world,” says Jonathan Wells, Pirelli Motorsport Manager UK.
“Although gravel rallying is facing a number of challenges in the current economic climate, the Welsh series is in rude health, which is a tribute to the quality of the organisation and events. These form a great fit with our tyre range, which incorporates all the lessons learned from the FIA World Rally Championship and covers a huge family of all-weather Scorpion products, from the 13-inch GM for historic cars to the renowned 15-inch K and KM for more modern machinery.”
Watch the first ‘Sideways to Victory’ trailer here
The Welsh Association of Motor Clubs organised 2023 Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship will start with the Get Jerky Rally North Wales on Saturday 25 March. Organised by Wolverhampton & South Staffs Car Club, the event will move from its traditional base in Dolgellau to Welshpool, which is home to the event’s new title sponsor.
Further details on the 2023 Motorsport UK Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship can be found online at:
2023 Motorsport UK Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship, in association with Pirelli
Saturday 25 March….Get Jerky Rally North Wales
Saturday 15 April….Rallynuts Stages Rally
Saturday 20 May….Plains Rally
Saturday 8 July….Nicky Grist Stages
Saturday 9 September….Phil Price Memorial Woodpecker Stages
TBC….Wyedean Rally
Saturday 28 October….Visit Conwy Cambrian Rally

For more information please contact: 
Dave Evison
Secretary, Motorsport UK Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship in association with Pirelli
Paul Evans
Press Officer, Motorsport UK Pirelli Ravenol Welsh Rally Championship in association with Pirelli

Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Radio Crews

The Forest of Dean Rotary Club are once again running their Spring Trails Half Marathon within the Dean on Sunday 2nd April 2023. As always the Club will be supporting the event by providing radio coverage to ensure a quick response can be provided to any incident that might occur anywhere on the route.

To ensure the whole of the route is well covered we have planned for 16 radios to be strategically placed along the route. We currently have volunteers to cover 9 of the locations, leaving 7 to fill.

Volunteers do not need to have their own radio or any previous experience, the club will provide and fit the necessary equipment and if they are able to answer a telephone they will be qualified to answer the radio.

We meet up in the car park at the end of Spruce Ride, near the Speech House field, at approx. 08:15 for the fitting and checking of radios before dispersing to our allocated points. Maps and full details of locations and timings are provided. The race starts at 10.00 and all of the runners will have cleared the first 9 radio points by 12.00, if you require an early finish please ask. All runners normally finish before 13.30.

This is an ideal opportunity for local Wyedean competitors, present and past, to repay all the volunteers from the Rotary, and the Club, for their help on Wyedeans over the years.

I look forward to receiving offers of help soon, as we try to have everything in place three weeks before the event.

Grantley Cleaver

Tel: 07979 331111


Wednesday, 8 February 2023

R J Matthews Dixies Challenge April 30th 2023

Competitor Entries Open Sunday 5th March at 7pm

Dixies Website : - Entries Link 

Ideal shakedown for the Manx National Rally in May 

Marshal Registration Now OPEN

You are now able to register as a marshal or radio crew for the Dixies Challenge

The event is on Sunday April 30th 

It takes place on the Epynt Ranges and is a joint event with Forresters Car Club 

There is the link to register :- Marshals | dixies-challenge (

Monday, 30 January 2023

Dixies Challenge 30th April 2023

We are now at the planning stages for the R J Matthews Dixies Challenge Rally.

Sunday 30th April based on Epynt Ranges.

Joint venture with Forresters Car Club where we each run a stage, which is then used up to 5 times. We need to fill keys roles for the event and this is a good insight into how a rally is run. 

If you fancy taking something on or shadowing someone this year for future events, then join the meeting. Full support and advise given if needed.

The meeting are mostly online as people know what we are doing. Stage set up is on Saturday morning, Sunday for the event and strip down, as soon as the last car goes in, never too late.

We are looking for a couple more helpers for the day and one more key role for the event - must have a good IT skills 'preferred' 

Email for the next regular meeting link -

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Radios FoDMC

Radios - Important 2023

If you are currently using a MSA Radio licenced by the Forest of Dean Motor Club, we now need to know your details to link with the Club Member, Call Sign and Set - active or not.

Please email the FoDMC with your Name, Contact Details, Number of set below, Call sign, Active Club Member and user Y/N

If you have not made contact we will assume you are no longer active with the set or not a club member and will not renew this MSUK licence.

01    Dean 1 Simoco SRM9030 Plus     EREOX1428AKA     4074 Mobile 

02    Dean 1 Alpha    IC-F31GS-L     120037     7056     Hand-Held 

03    Dean 10 T2015     17216140     5715     Mobile 

04    Dean 10 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L     1320123     7541     and-Held 

05    Dean 11 T2015     17216141     5716     Mobile 

06    Dean 11 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L     1320126     7542     Hand-Held 

07    Dean 16 T2010     17221464     5721     Mobile 

08    Dean 2 Alpha     IC-F31GS-L     120038     7057     Hand-Held 

09    Dean 22 T2020     17237228     4081     Mobile 

10    Dean 22 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L     1320129     7543     Hand-Held 

11    Dean 24 T2015     17228229     5868     Mobile 

12    Dean 25 T2015     17228230     5869     Mobile 

13    Dean 25 Alpha     SRP9020     ES2EXO7505632     7504     Hand-Held 

14    Dean 26 Alpha Vertex VX-924E     9G100005     7599     Hand-Held 

15    Dean 28 T-S8107     19422289     8224     Mobile 

16    Dean 29 T-S8107     19422304     8225     Mobile 

17    Dean 30 T-S8107     19422324     8226     Mobile 

18    Dean 31 T-S8107     19417036     8227     Mobile 

19    Dean 32 T2010     17228231     6258     Mobile 

20    Dean 34 Motorola CM340     019TQY3908     8994     Mobile 

21    Dean 34 Alpha Entel     HX412S     ZKOTO4031     7819     Hand-Held 

22    Dean 35 GM950     871IZE2749     8422     Mobile 

23    Dean 35 Alpha Entel HX412S     NOT00327     7766     Hand-Held 

24    Dean 36 Alpha Entel HX412S     ZKOTO4016 7   820     Hand-Held 

25    Dean 4 T2015     17216134     5709     Mobile 

26    Dean 4 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L 1320121     7539     Hand-Held 

27    Dean 5 T2015     17216135     5710     Mobile 

28    Dean 5 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L 1320122     540     Hand-Held 

29    Dean 8 T2015     17216138     5713     Mobile 

30    Dean 8 Alpha     F31GS 6220263     7124     Hand-Held