Monday, 30 January 2023

Dixies Challenge 30th April 2023

We are now at the planning stages for the R J Matthews Dixies Challenge Rally.

Sunday 30th April based on Epynt Ranges.

Joint venture with Forresters Car Club where we each run a stage, which is then used up to 5 times. We need to fill keys roles for the event and this is a good insight into how a rally is run. 

If you fancy taking something on or shadowing someone this year for future events, then join the meeting. Full support and advise given if needed.

The meeting are mostly online as people know what we are doing. Stage set up is on Saturday morning, Sunday for the event and strip down, as soon as the last car goes in, never too late.

The first online meeting is Monday 30th January at 8pm 

You are welcome to join this meeting if you are considering assisting the running of the event.

If you miss the first you can always email us for the next meeting link.

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Radios FoDMC

Radios - Important 2023

If you are currently using a MSA Radio licenced by the Forest of Dean Motor Club, we now need to know your details to link with the Club Member, Call Sign and Set - active or not.

Please email the FoDMC with your Name, Contact Details, Number of set below, Call sign, Active Club Member and user Y/N

If you have not made contact we will assume you are no longer active with the set or not a club member and will not renew this MSUK licence.

01    Dean 1 Simoco SRM9030 Plus     EREOX1428AKA     4074 Mobile 

02    Dean 1 Alpha    IC-F31GS-L     120037     7056     Hand-Held 

03    Dean 10 T2015     17216140     5715     Mobile 

04    Dean 10 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L     1320123     7541     and-Held 

05    Dean 11 T2015     17216141     5716     Mobile 

06    Dean 11 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L     1320126     7542     Hand-Held 

07    Dean 16 T2010     17221464     5721     Mobile 

08    Dean 2 Alpha     IC-F31GS-L     120038     7057     Hand-Held 

09    Dean 22 T2020     17237228     4081     Mobile 

10    Dean 22 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L     1320129     7543     Hand-Held 

11    Dean 24 T2015     17228229     5868     Mobile 

12    Dean 25 T2015     17228230     5869     Mobile 

13    Dean 25 Alpha     SRP9020     ES2EXO7505632     7504     Hand-Held 

14    Dean 26 Alpha Vertex VX-924E     9G100005     7599     Hand-Held 

15    Dean 28 T-S8107     19422289     8224     Mobile 

16    Dean 29 T-S8107     19422304     8225     Mobile 

17    Dean 30 T-S8107     19422324     8226     Mobile 

18    Dean 31 T-S8107     19417036     8227     Mobile 

19    Dean 32 T2010     17228231     6258     Mobile 

20    Dean 34 Motorola CM340     019TQY3908     8994     Mobile 

21    Dean 34 Alpha Entel     HX412S     ZKOTO4031     7819     Hand-Held 

22    Dean 35 GM950     871IZE2749     8422     Mobile 

23    Dean 35 Alpha Entel HX412S     NOT00327     7766     Hand-Held 

24    Dean 36 Alpha Entel HX412S     ZKOTO4016 7   820     Hand-Held 

25    Dean 4 T2015     17216134     5709     Mobile 

26    Dean 4 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L 1320121     7539     Hand-Held 

27    Dean 5 T2015     17216135     5710     Mobile 

28    Dean 5 Alpha     IC-F31GT-L 1320122     540     Hand-Held 

29    Dean 8 T2015     17216138     5713     Mobile 

30    Dean 8 Alpha     F31GS 6220263     7124     Hand-Held

WhatsApp - Forest of Dean Club Members


If you are a current annual 'paid up member' of the Forest of Dean Motor Club you are welcome to join the WhatsApp group for general discussions and event information.


Dear Members

Above you will find a link to the Forest of Dean WhatsApp Page 

Request to all.

* Please do not spam (irrelevant or unsolicited messages)

* Please Think before sending a video, picture, meme or any content.

* Never send content, information or “news” that has not been verified. Placing content whose authenticity has not been definitively proven can be very dangerous and harm many people.

* Please remember this Whatsapp Group is only for general Motor Club talk, general discussions and announcements. 

Note: Members can be removed/suspended from the group without notice, until the next committee meeting.

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Meet up - 2023

Wednesday January 25th - Membership & General Meeting

8pm at the Orepool Inn, Chepstow Road Coleford GL16 8LH

Tuesday 21st March - Motorsport Film Night

7:30pm at the Palace Cinema, Bell Vue Road, Cinderford GL14 2AA

Monday, 5 December 2022

Club Meet Ups

Next Club Meet Ups

December 13th - Tuesday - Christmas Drinks, 7:30 or before if you would like food. At the Belfry Hotel, Littledean. GL14 3JS
General Club Night for Membership - TBA

March 21st 2023 - Motorsport Film Night, 7:30, at the Palace Theatre, Bell Vue Road, Cinderford. GL14 2AA

New Year - Engineering Company Evening Visit - TBA

Monday, 17 October 2022

 2022 Wyedean Stages Rally Report by Paul Willetts Motorsport Media

After 3 years sabbatical the Vantage Point Business Village, Xite Nootropic Energy, Richard Cole Contracting Wyedean Stages Rally in association with KGD Hereford proved a huge success with so many spectators out watching this classic event.

This year's event attracted a full entry which again proves the popularity of the rally.

Conditions were typical of the Dean stages very slippery after heavy rain overnight a real test of man and machine for the 7 stages.

Sadly, the expected battle for overall victory with the locals didn't materialise as Matt Hirst and Declan Dear followed up there 2019 win with a comfortable victory and with it the Pirelli Welsh rally championship in Delta Salvage Fiesta R5, 47 seconds was the winning margin ahead of Ledbury youngster Rob Wilson's Ravenol backed Lancer Evo 7, Wilson and co-driver Martin Haggett put on a fabulous show for spectators and thoroughly deserved runner up spot.

Twice winner Nik Elsmore took the final podium place in the CDS Taxis Lancer Evo 9, Elsmore and co-driver Rob Fagg just couldn't get the Lancer dialled into the conditions and finally took 3rd spot on the last stage from Herefordshire duo John Caine with veteran Andrew Sankey calling the corners in the Phil Price Rally School Impreza who took 4th.

"It just didn't happen for us today, it proved again how good the R5 cars are, congratulations to Matt & Declan, credit to Rob he drove very well to 2nd, but we'll take 3rd on our home event, just great for everyone to have the rally back again." 

Rounding out the top 5 was Bob Morgan and Adrian Williams in the Winner Garage Skoda Fabia R5, again another crew tipped for top honours on home soil the battle with Elsmore never materialised but still gave them another good haul of Welsh championship points. 

Further down the field other local crews put in some excellent performances 

Tim Freeman had Cliffy Simmons pushing him on in the Historic spec RS1800 these two had a great run to 10th overall & 2nd in class

"That was great fun, really slippery and greasy, just so nice to be back in these forests let's hope the history of the event can continue now." said Cliffy.

Another pair of veterans Jeremy Easson with his Littledean based co-driver Mike Reynolds now in a new Escort RS1600 had an excellent run to 14th and 3rd in class.

Husband and wife duo Nigel and Karen Jenkins dominated their class in the NJ Autos Vauxhall Nova finishing 16th overall and winning the class by over 2 minutes.

" Nigel drove very well, but it was great to see so many people out watching and thank you for all the support, fabulous to have the rally back. " 

Another crew to have a good run were Hartpury's Geoff Phelps with local boy Colin Jenkins calling the notes, despite a last-minute scare with oil pressure issues they took 21st overall 3rd in class,in the Hills Property Consultants Escort RS1800. 

Ross duo Gary Bollands with Nigel Baldwin finished 24th in the GB Motor services Subaru.

Charles Hopkinson had a very good run in his Dave Jenkins Motorsport run Escort RS1800, with another veteran onboard in the shape of Herefords Alan Jones the duo took 28th overall. 

Luke Watts together with Matt Rogers in the Ian Watts & Son MG ZR produced another good drive to 43rd & 4th in class showing no ill effects after his recent Woodpecker Stages roll.

"Great rally so many people out watching thanks to everyone for their support, especially Nigel Jenkins for his help getting the car together for the event, let's hope the Wyedean us back to stay." 

Event sponsor Richard Cole together with Matt Nicholas another to have late drama, when the throttle cable snapped on the freshly prepared Escort, but they had an enjoyable run to 46th & 8th in class.

Dave Troughton went 4wd this time in a new Subaru GC8 and together with Jordan McKenzie took 48th overall, just 4 seconds back were fellow locals Keith Bounds and Kevin Watkins switching back to another Impreza after a year in the Mini challenge they took 49th overall. 

Just 10 seconds back in 51st place was Mike Truman with Martha Howells calling the notes, these two survived a huge scare on the last stage when it so nearly ended in tears, but they survived.

A huge thanks must go to Mike for all he does to help the event.

Another pair of veterans Paul Simmonds and Mark Wheeler took 58th and 4th in class in the QEP backed Escort.

Paul stated, " Loved it, great stages well done Forest of Dean Motor Club, thanks to Griff for servicing."

Finally, Dan Troughton with Jon Griffiths took home some silverware with class W2 honours and 60th overall.

For those not fortunate enough to make the finish were 

Roger Matthews &; Tom Marrott in the Escort RS1600 this duo was going very well just outside the top 10 when diff failure put then out on stage 5.

The spectator's favourite duo Eric Davis and Russ Joseph retired the Mini after stage 4 with broken rear suspension. 

Rally returnee Jason Gardner with Matt Davis in the newly built beautiful Brecon View Plumbing Escort RS1800 retirement beckoned with no brakes after stage two.

A Forest of Dean Motor Club spokesman said." It's been another great Wyedean, delighted to see so many people out watching which proves the popularity of the event, and what it brings to the area, we've had messages from people here for the weekend never seen a rally before saying absolutely loved it, what date is it next year."

"A huge thanks to everyone who has made this classic event happen when all seemed lost, so let's hope the Wyedean is back to stay for many years to come".

Monday, 10 October 2022

 Wyedean Stages 

Saturday 15th October

All information, including Spectator locations can be found on the Wyedean Rally website

Wyedean Rally Website