Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Plains Rally - Marshal Request

 Marshal request for the Plains Rally 

Hi All

This year’s plains rally will run on Saturday 21st May 2022. 

The event has moved to Bala and we have 5 stages running in Aberhirnant, Llangower, Alwen South, Alwen North and Clocaenog as well as over 140 entries! 

I appreciate you may already have volunteered to come along and help on the event but could I please ask you to send this plea to all your club members. 

I am still looking for marshals and timing teams and would like to invite you and your members to come along and support us on the day. We especially need marshals for Llangower and Alwen South and timing teams for most of the stages. 

If any of you or your club members are able to help then please can you register on rally stage team.  Or contact me at the email address below.

Thanks you in advance and I look forward to your support


Mike Timmins

Chief Marshal Plains Rally


Chief Marshal Knutsford & District Motor Club


Mobile -07747620009

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Proposed meeting to Prescott Hill Climb - Wednesday 6th July 7:30pm


The proposed meeting to Prescott Hill Climb is on Wednesday 6th July.  Starting at 7:30pm.

This will be a visit and talk about the Prescott Hill Climb course followed by a buffet.

Prescott Speed Hill Climb is a hillclimb in Gloucestershire, England. 

The course used for most events is 1,128 yards in length.

The hill record is held by Wallace Menzies who took the outright hill record in a Gould GR59M single seater with a time of 34.65 seconds on Sunday 5 September 2021.

Full Address. Prescott Speed Hill Climb, Gotherington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GL52 9RD

We will need to know the number of people who are interested in attending.

Fill in this form please - Prescott Hill Form

We are also in communication with two locations for an Autotest and will update as soon as possible


Paul Loveridge 


Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Film Company would like to rent your car !


Hi there,
Hope you are well!
I was wondering whether any of your members might be interested in this?
We are looking for a scruffy old saloon car to use as one of the character's cars in a short film shooting in Gloucestershire on Monday 18th April!If you have an old saloon car from the 80s or 90s, such as a Peugeot 605, Honda Civic or Volvo V70 (doesn't have to be one of those exact cars) - we'd love to hear from you! The more rusty, beaten-up it looks, the better!We'd be happy to send £75 the owner's way to rent it for a few hours on the night of 18th April. You'd be welcome to come visit the set and watch us shoot the scene. This is a short film passion project by a young emerging film production company, intended to be shown in film festivals later in the year.It's a very simple scene that doesn't involve any driving. The scene involves two characters who have parked the car up outside a big mansion, and are considering whether to go inside. The car is already parked at the beginning of the scene and we will not be having the actors or camera inside the interior of the car. This will be filmed in Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire around sunset, from 19:30-21:00 - so it'd be ideal if the owner is based in the Gloucestershire/Warwickshire/Worcestershire area.We will also potentially be filming a scene in the second weekend of May with the car involved, in the London area so there's the potential for us to rent it a second time for that day!Drop me an email at info@umbramotionpictures.com if interested!
Please see more of our work at umbramotionpictures.com
Kind regards,
Finbar Somers

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Dixies Challenge - Help Required

Club Member Help Required for :- 

Dixies Challenge Rally Saturday April 30th & Sunday May 1st 

We need a few club members to help with stage set up on Saturday and change over on Sunday.
You don't need to do both days as long as we get enough people.

We also intend to make a strong presence at service in control to remember Graham Cox who manned this post in the past. Can you help ?

It would be nice to see club members coming along - please make contact 

Contact - Ade Williams 07768 522992

Thursday, 17 March 2022

Time to Act - Or Motoring could be Banned on Unsealed Roads

Charley Boorman, LARA and the NMC Warn of Clear and Present Danger to Motoring and Motorcycling on Rural Roads

The motoring and motorcycling umbrella organisations the NMC and LARA, have today called on riders and drivers to respond to a Government consultation which calls for views on whether motorcycles and four wheeled vehicles used for leisure and tourism should be banned on a wide range of unsealed ‘green’ roads and minor tarmac roads. This new campaign is supported by Charley Boorman, famous for his ‘Long Way Round’ round the world motorcycle adventures with Ewan McGregor, plus his other global journeys and TV shows ‘By Any Means’.

The Government has issued the consultation on the back of a ‘Landscapes Review’ into National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Although the Landscapes Review does not mention motor vehicle use,  the Government response to the Review has a section on the impact of recreational motoring on green roads. The new consultation includes questions on whether the Government should legislate to restrict recreational motor vehicles on unsealed and unclassified roads around the country. One suggestion is to widen this to include all types of minor road. The potential impact of this consultation signals a clear and present danger to motoring and motorcycling on green lanes and other tarmac rural routes.

There are several organisations which have long campaigned to ban the motorised use of green roads and these groups have seized on the consultation to launch a major push to get roads bans in place. The NMC and LARA are therefore seeking the help of riders and drivers to counter this threat and preserve countryside access for all.

Opponents of vehicles in the countryside cite damage caused by vehicles to unsurfaced routes, plus noise and anti social behaviour. But instead of being a nuisance, green roads motoring and motorcycling brings benefits to rural areas, including positive economic impact to local communities. The Trail Riders Fellowship estimates this at over £100million per annum for motorcycling alone. Green roads use supports local and rural economies by spending on campsites, B&Bs, pubs, hotels, local shops and local filling stations. A large number of motorcycling and four wheel specialist businesses are also supported by green roads users. A Government survey found the majority of traffic using green roads is for land management and agriculture. Given that land management and agricultural use is the majority of traffic on these road, bans aimed at vehicles used for tourism and leisure would do little or nothing to decrease damage on green roads.  

Concerns about damage can be overstated and can be resolved by proper management of green roads.  Each year hundreds of local conservation projects are undertaken by two and four wheeled groups, including inside national parks and other high profile areas. This has a positive value of hundreds of thousands of pounds supporting underfunded and under resourced authorities and contributes to the vitality of the countryside. Repairs are mainly required due to poor maintenance and water erosion, plus damage caused by heavy agricultural equipment,  rather than major damage from motorcycles and four wheeled vehicles used for countryside access. Road bans would mean this valuable and essential work would stop.

The road network inside and outside National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty must be for everyone to enjoy. Access must not be forbidden to any mode of transport without evidence that real and widespread damage, over and above that caused by agricultural vehicles, is being caused. Less than 2% of highways are green roads available for public motorcycle use, reducing this further will increase pressure on what remains.

Concerns over illegal use of specific areas of the countryside should be tackled using existing legislation and restrictions. No new laws are needed in this area. Experience shows that simply prohibiting vehicular access does not work because those who do damage green roads by acting illegally and irresponsibly will not be deterred. A blanket removal of rights would cause access problems for many land and property owners, damage tourism and deter other outdoor recreational activities. Additionally, driving on green lanes is one way that people with mobility problems can access the countryside, meaning that road bans on both green and sealed roads would be highly discriminatory.

The NMC and LARA are calling for riders and drivers to respond to the consultation, which is being managed by the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs. Although there is an online questionnaire, this is a more complicated way to respond and covers a lot of additional areas. A far simpler way to respond is by sending an email to landscapesconsultation@defra.gov.uk by April 9th. Objections should be registered by saying that you do not agree with restrictions proposed in questions 13-17 of the online questionnaire and use the points made above as part of your email. (further guidance here)

Global motorcycle adventure traveller Charley Boorman said: “Removing vehicular access from parts of National Parts, AONBs and other rural areas would have a very negative impact on the vitality of the countryside. Motorised recreation and tourism on green roads is not only positive economically and socially, but riding green roads has a very positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those who take part in this activity.  I urge the Government to find against rural road bans and to work with organisations in a positive way to manage green and other roads, so that the countryside remains open to all.”

LARA’s Dave Waterman said: “Based on experience during the pandemic, if we are going to ban visitors to the countryside on the basis of the bad behaviour of a minority, then people on foot should be first. Fly camping, lighting fires, trespassing, damaging property, littering and worse. LARA members share the government’s aim of preserving our network of green roads for everyone. They care as much, if not more than those who seek to ban motor vehicles use, but just have different - and more realistic - ideas on how to achieve that. We urge the Government to reconvene the currently dormant Motoring Stakeholder Working Group, so that sensible approaches to countryside access can be developed and implemented.”

The NMC’s Craig Carey-Clinch said: “The work of LARA and its members has long been vital in protecting green road access for motorcyclists and other leisure users. What we are now seeing is a full frontal attack on rural vehicle use, which is not just about green roads, but also tarmac routes. The extension of road bans via Traffic Regulation Orders to some tarmac roads during the pandemic was a sign of things to come and the DEFRA consultation implies the consolidation of this approach to further impact tarmac road motorcycling. We urge riders to respond to today’s call from the NMC and LARA and email a response to the consultation.”  

Link to the questionnaire - be careful to understand it and ehat your objection is :- The accessibility of controlled Motorsport in Area's of Natural Beauty and National Parks. Government response to the Landscapes Review - Page 1 of 12 - Defra - Citizen Space

Here is a link to another guide that will assist you - DEFRA Consultation (glass-uk.org)

Or just email as above 

Malcolm Wilson Rally Report 2022

Malcolm Wilson Rally Report - Bob Morgan, Ade Williams 

Winner Garage Skoda – Skoda Fabia R5 

So, the long drive to Cumbria was quiet straight forward in the end, traffic clear and whether you're a fan of smart motorways or not they do make a difference to traffic congestion. Current work on the northern part of the M6 is the placement of laybys every mile. It seemed to work for us, different if you have a sudden breakdown, I’m sure.


Having not attempted the event for many years since both crew members drove on the rally and failed to finish, it was a nemesis event that needed contesting again. 

Not so straight forward with the layout of the event with no trailer park but the hotel which was an ‘excellent find’ had a good size car park and very accommodating. Noise was a tight squeeze and the new Malcolm Wilson complex was great but again restrictive with access etc. Could do better- MWR22! 

The Saturday stages began with 3 quick blasts through Hobcarton, Coomb & Wythop all relatively straight forward, but slippy due to logging in places. Greystoke stage 4 the only repeat was easier to gain more momentum and move up the leaderboard from 26th to 17th place. 

Back to service for a quick 20 minutes check before the two grizzly Grizdale stages were completed. These two had been heavily studied to find the dangerous points. About 4 to 5 were cautioned and sure enough we arrived at each to find cars off and spectators on the track slowing us down. This moved us back down a little but a good final blast back through the second Greystoke with only a small (televised) half spin gave us a solid 17th overall.

Still some more speed to find, but we’ll keep pushing on. 

Next event, Rally North Wales, 1st round of the Welsh National Championship.