Firstly, decide how your going to pay - PayPal, Bank, Cash, Cheque - See Below 

Fill in the clubs membership details online here
Membership Form 

This will ask you how you want to make payment.
You will need to fill the form each year as your details could change!

You must make the payment before your card will be issued. If you have asked for bank details or you are having problems - please contact the membership secretary straight away.

The club's membership secretary is:-

Call Caroline on - 07769 776193 - Use WhatsApp if possible (poor signal)

email Caroline - 

Its just £12 per year and £15 to add your partner at the same address 

Postage is £1 

we will also pay your Dean MSUK radio licence 'if you are a paid up member'.

The easiest way to pay your membership is using Paypal but please read carefully

pay to :- 


We are not a business for these payments

Your card will not be posted if you have not paid the postage or charges have been applied by PayPal for not clicking the correct payment method (as above).

By Bank Transfer - fill in the online form (link above) & the bank details will be emailed to you when you tick that option. Then email to let us know

Or come to a membership night pay and pay cash:
NOTE - We no longer except Cheques, due to no local bank branches - Bank Transfer or PayPal are preferred please.

The Forest of Dean Motor Club

Caroline Hopkinson 
Bigsweir House
St Briavels
GL15 6RR


If you are a current annual 'paid up member' of the Forest of Dean Motor Club you are welcome to join the WhatsApp group for general discussions and event information.


Dear Members

Above you will find a link to the Forest of Dean WhatsApp Page 

Request to all.

* Please do not spam (irrelevant or unsolicited messages)

* Please Think before sending a video, picture, meme or any content.

* Never send content, information or “news” that has not been verified. Placing content whose authenticity has not been definitively proven can be very dangerous and harm many people.

* Please remember this Whatsapp Group is only for general Motor Club talk, general discussions and announcements. 

Note: Members can be removed/suspended from the group without notice, until the next committee meeting.


Old School                                                            
This link is our old form if you want to print off and bring along to a meeting - Old