Sunday, 12 August 2018

Winner Garage Skoda Wyedean Stages 2018 Marshal Request

The Winner Garage SKODA Wyedean Stages Rally will take place on Saturday 10th November 2018, and The Forest of Dean Motor Club is seeking assistance to put together a Radio and Stage Marshal Team. The proposed format of three stages, each run twice, will require coverage equal to, if not over and above,
that of last year.
The 2018 Wyedean will be a qualifying round of:
WAMC National Championship, WAMC Historic Championship, WAMC Junior Challenge, Restruct Ltd & Jelf Welsh Mixed Surface Rally Championship,  
MSA English Rally Championship, HRCR Stage Masters, FMP Rally Challenge
ASWMC Stage Rally Championship, and ANWCC Forest Stage Championship.

Forest of Dean Motor Club have also recently announced the launch of The David Stokes Historic Challenge, which will pay tribute to one of stage rallyings’ most respected competitors.
I am sure that the 43rd Wyedean will attract a quality and entertaining entry, and with the experience and skills that MSA registered volunteer marshals possess we will ensure the safe running of the rally.

Please contact me and confirm any Marshals travelling with you, your callsign (If applicable), MSA Reg No, Mobile No, Red Flag Y/N, 4 x 4 Y/N.

MSA Registration is not essential, but it is recommended that the qualification is acquired. ( )

Be assured that information provided will be used to satisfy requirements of the Safety Plan, and will not be shared outside of the rally.

Best regards,
Neil “H” Henderson

Mobile: 07777 658369