Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Message from car 22 - Wyedean Stages 2019

Nigel Drew and myself would sincerely like to thank the organisers of the Wyedean Rally,  all the marshals, medics, volunteers and spectators.

Unfortunately on Saturday at the Wyedean we had a big off on stage 4. It’s sincere apologies to the crews that then missed stage 4.

However how completely fantastic the reaction was to safety.  We are completely overwhelmed by the speed efficiency and professionalism of every person who came to our aid.  Including the fantastic young lads who sprang into action, car 36 who responded to the SOS board, Paul Willets who took the call and the stage Marshall who stopped the stage and the professionalism of the recovery and medics who tended us.

It’s totally reassuring to every crew out there to know the safety procedures that surround the rally are completely magnificent when needed.

We sincerely thank you all.  
Pauline xx

Pauline Nash
Calico Interiors

Thank you Pauline  speedy recovery - see you soon