Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Letter from the Chairman

18/05/20          https://www.motorsportuk.org/restart

Wyedean Stages Saturday 17th October

Plans for the Wyedean Stages Rally are going well. 
The event will adopt its usual popular three stages run twice with minimum road mileage. The organising team are fully committed for this year’s event to run. However the final decision will be out of our hands.

FODMC chairman’s view on loose surface Stage Rallying 


The big decider regarding the future of rallying is the governments social distancing rule.
This obviously will have a real effect as there are two people in the rally car.

Time trials are permitted as there is only one person in the car.

The final decision regarding stage rallying will be with government and future announcement’s regarding social distancing, gatherings etc.

There may also be local restrictions from councils, venues etc.

Motorsport U/K have stated that they will not be issuing any permits until the 30th June.


A number of tarmac championships have already been cancelled for the 2020 season.

The WAMC road rally championship has been cancelled for 2020.

The Rallynuts stages rally whilst trying to re-schedule have now decided to cancel the event.

It is a very difficult decision for event organiser’s to decide what they do with their event following it having to be cancelled/postponed during the lock down.

Unfortunately, as another event gets cancelled this leaves less point scoring opportunities for championship contenders.

There does however need to be a sensible number of events to decide a worthy champion.?

Paul Loveridge