Friday, 18 September 2020

Newsletter Sept 2020

Dear Members

There is a consultation from Forestry England that is slightly worrying. It is asking for the public’s view regarding the use of forestry for motorsport activities.

The contact web address is as follows.

Motorsport U/K are I am told on the case, however the more replies there are, the better. I understand there have been around 1000 responses so far but mostly they talk about rallying experiences and are not addressing benefits that rallying brings to the local economies. There needs to be mention of how the sport will look to be more sustainable in the future. It is a hard one to tackle given the short time scale and the gathering of information.
The Wyedean stages has a financial impact figure for the event, this includes competitors, service crew, officials etc and the amount of money that the event brings into the Forest. There is also the amount of money raised for local charities regarding car parks as well.
I find it annoying when the public moan about motorsport in the forest, a lot of them think we get the use of the roads for nothing.! At any weekend in the forest there are thousands of mountain bikers using the tracks for nothing.
National Resources Wales are also not issuing permits until next year. Let’s all hope that things will return to some normality in 2021 although I fear that we will not start stage rallying until well into the year.
The situation is not helped by the different rules in each country.  It is a great shame in my mind that the different countries and political parties could not all work together instead of trying to score points.!

There has been concern recently regarding the use of Down Ampney as a single venue motorsport venue. I am pleased to report that an agreement has been reached for the venue to carry on being used. It appears that Emcos, Cirencester and Cheltenham MC are organising a stage event there at the end of October.

There unfortunately has not been anything to celebrate regarding loose surface stage rallying of late. It is very much a wait and see situation at present.
As you know the Wyedean stages rally had to be cancelled due to Forestry England withdrawing any permit application for motorsport events on their land. My thanks to all those who had pledged their support to the event, it will be back next year.!

The HRCR are hoping to run a test day at the Prescott Hillclimb course on Saturday 31st  October. The day will include up to six runs up the hill if anyone is interested please contact Clive King on 07938236461.


Whilst on the subject of the HRCR, FODMC members are invited to a Snack, chat and drink evening at the Bespoke brewery Tap room in the Mews, Mitcheldean. The meeting will start at 7:30pm. Tables will be limited to a maximum of six people, there are other tables for smaller numbers. As always Covid 19 social distancing will still apply, however more importantly common sense will be required.!

Club members.

Jason Gardner had an unfortunate incident recently whilst testing in Walter arena recently. The resulting damage to the Escort was quite extensive, A new shell has been acquired, hopefully it will return.

Whilst on the subjects of Jasons, I hear that Jason Morgan is currently working on an entirely new venture. That’s the spirit.???

Dave Jenkins has been hard at work on various customers rally cars. He has been working on a Triumph TR7 V8 for a change. The car has been painted black and looks stunning.
I will forever remember the growl of a flying TR7 through Sallow Vallets driven by Graham Elsmore years ago. His speed was something to behold, straight lining everything.!

It is a shame that Sallow Vallets has been lost to rallying, to many mountain bikers. I still consider it to be one of the best stages in the Dean.?