Monday, 9 August 2021

Wyedean Stages 2021

I am sorry to report that despite our best efforts the rug has been effectively pulled from under our feet by Forestry England and MSUK. 

The main reason being the two test events that the MSUK had set up for Forestry England evaluation purposes. The Trackrod rally at the end of September being one of the events. We were told by MSUK that the findings of these events should not greatly  effect us given our close running date in October. We therefore carried on organising the event accordingly. 

We received an e mail from Forestry England stating that permission would not be granted to run the event. There were three items mentioned, two of these could have been resolved. Item three made direct reference to the MSUK test events. We immediately contacted MSUK only to be told that there was no possibility of the Wyedean running in 2021! 

We are naturally very disappointed with this as we had never been given any indication by MSUK that our event may be in jeopardy following the running of the test events. 

We are now awaiting an indication of when we may be permitted to run in 2022. 

My thanks to all who have worked tirelessly for the event only for this to happen.

A very disappointed Paul Loveridge.

Forest of Dean MC Chairman